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Cape York June 2013


The trip from Port Douglas to Cape York is the ideal first big trip for the budding explorer.

Road condition sign

There is plenty of fuel available along the way, albeit it is a bit expensive, but it is there at such places as Lakelands, Laura, Hahn River, Coen, Archer River, Bramwell Junction and Bamaga. We paid $2.25 per litre for Diesel at Bamaga.

The first 250 ks from Port Douglas to Laura is good bitumen all the way.

The next 1000 odd ks to Bamaga is mainly gravel with a few sections of bitumen.

The gravel sections were fine if you drove to suit the conditions and didnt get tempted to increase your speed.

We saw 3 examples of people driving too fast on the gravel which resulted in their vehicles rolling over and ending up in the table drain badly damaged and miles from anywhere.

The road from Bamaga to the tip of Cape York is another matter.

It is very badly rutted and pot holed with next to no maintenace and it passes through some very pretty rough country.

Once at the tip it is about 1k walk to get to the very tip of the Australian continent to get a photo taken under the sign.

Well worth the effort.


Under the sign

On our trip south we decided that we would call into Weipa and stay the night at the Albatross Bay resort and have a look around the town.

With this in mind I asked a local at Seisa about the condition of the Batativa Downs road which cuts off a huge amount of driving. He told me that there was 2 locked gates to go around and a river crossing to negotiate and that the road was'nt too bad.

With this information in mind I stopped at the Bramwell Junction roadhouse and was greeted by 3 young ladies who told me that the information that I was given was totally wrong. The road was in very good condition with no locked gates and the river crossing was via a bridge over a creek.

Approaching Weipa you come to a set of boom gates and lights where you cross the haul road for the mine.

The town of Weipa itself is neat and tidy and well supported and the Albatross Bay resort was very comfortable and welcome after a long days drive South.




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