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Make light work of heavy loads with Pedders Air Assist

“Make light work of heavy loads with Pedders Air Assist”.
• Air Assist Bag fits on top of leaf spring to provide variable            
spring rate
• Exceptional load assistance characteristics with up to 2265kgs
of extra weight bearing support per set*
• Improved towing and load carrying capability
• Compensate for general instability associated with heavy
• Restrict bottoming out caused by heavy loads or rough terrain
• Increase shock life, improve braking and reduce body roll                      
• Full adjustability to allow the Air Assist Bag to be matched to
the load
• Assist spring, shock & bush life
• Maintain superior comfort levels while providing that extra level
of suspension control needed when towing
Make light work of heavy loads wit h Pedders Air Assist
*Please refer to the vehicle manufacturers
maximum load carrying rating.
For Leaf spring applications.
For Coils Coil Spring Air Assist Spring applications.
Leaf Spring Air Assist

For further information please contact your local Pedders Suspension specialist.


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Pedders Sports Ryder eXtreme XA Coil Over Suspension

The Pedders Suspension Sports Ryder brand has been synonymous with high performance dampers for decades.

Pedders Sports Ryder shock absorbers and struts combine the most advanced technology with Pedders renowned
expertise in the fine tuning of damping rates for superior handling. At the forefront of sports suspension is
Pedders eXtreme XA
 height adjustable coil-over built to Pedders stringent quality standards. Pedders eXtreme XA
features sports calibrated
 tuneable damping, motorsport coil springs individually tuned to suit each application and a host
 of other high performance
 features including engineered mounting bracketry. The eXtreme XA is the pinnacle of performance
suspension technology
and the flagship of Pedders Sports Ryder range of specialist performance suspension products.

Pedders eXtreme XA is the result of Pedders Suspensions commitment to being a leader in
 the steering and suspension
 industry with outstanding product success in both the motorsport arena and sports performance markets.

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